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CSCS Learner Scores Perm Role with JTJ Workplace

12 February 2015

JTJ Workplace sees thousands of learners pass through our training centres each year. And it's always a pleasure to know many find permanent work directly as a result of obtaining their qualifications from the courses the take or the work experience placements they undertake.

But, it's an honour to be able to help our learners and provide them with permanent job opportunities within our own company. And that is what happened to Robert Walker who took part in one of our CSCS Construction courses.

"It has been a delight to see how Robert's confidence, motivation and self belief grow throughout the last few months we have known him", says Dave Hall, JTJ Operations Manager. "He is now a valued member of the JTJ team up in Manchester, helping people just like him, supporting them on the same course he undertook before he found permanent work. I'm proud to be able to give something back to the local communities we operate within and provide job opportunities whenever we can."

My Story, by Robert Walker: 

My name is Robert Walker, i’m twenty six years old, and before doing my CSCS course with JTJ I was unemployed for six months, I had no real qualifications and was feeling like I was at a dead end.

So, I enrolled on the BTEC level 1 course with JTJ through the job centre, passed the course and got 100% on my CSCS test. After completing the course I was asked if i would like to do some voluntary work with JTJ. I worked voluntary for a few months helping out where I could and really enjoyed having some form of routine and structure to my life again.

On the 19/1/15 I applied for a job as a administrator at JTJ. When i found out that I got the job i was delighted! Since then I have been leaning all the roles and responsibilities of a administrator from Jess Clark who has been very patient and a excellent teacher.

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