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Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2,3,4

"Productivity", "Lean Thinking", "Continuous Improvement" and "Waste" - all these terms have been synonymous with the Manufacturing, Logistics and Engineering sectors for decades.

But not anymore - every business is now being pushed to do more...and for less.

The reality is that manufacturing organisations have struggled for decades in a highly competitive environment to reduce defects and waste whilst battling to create optimum flow by using Lean principles. With more pressure on companies than ever before, these tools are now being adopted on a wider scale. The Public and Service sectors are using them increasingly to help reduce costs, whilst ultimately achieving more value for their customers, examining and scrutinising whole business processes and work flow to drive out costs.

Institute of Leadership Management (ILM)

This qualification covers a range of core management processes, which are common to a variety of industries and sectors. It is suitable for both current and future leadership engaged in a wide range of manufacturing and logistics processes.

Candidates will learn competence in leadership skills regardless of the industry in which they are employed.

The course is aimed at those who are responsible for monitoring and leading a quality workforce controlling the equipment and the quality of work produced - and who have the authority to exercise judgement and make decisions about factors that affect manufacturing or logistics processes.


  • Proven productivity improvement model
  • Phased and structured approach
  • Accredited against a national standard
  • Deliver improved workforce capability
  • Increases “can do” and "know how"
  • Targets 100% employee participation
  • Sustainable through champions
  • Quantified monetary savings are created as part of the BIT programme
  • Improved business performance to assist in winning contracts
  • Reduced costs and waste. Save £££s
  • Maximise profits and revenues
  • Helps reduce workplace accidents
  • Improves employee morale and motivation
  • Highlights the skill of the workforce to existing and potential customers

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